Elektrola Vacuum Sealer

Special design for lower the noise significantly,noise <78db Heating thread is designed on the machine cover, which makes it much safer to use and more convenient to wash the vacuum chamber. Individual heating and sealing function is available, when at sealing only status, the vacuum pump needn't work, which will prolong the pump life and save energy. Structure of the gas nipple for vacuum has been modified, which will eliminate the air-leakage. Easy Lock System,sligthly press the machine to lock. Press two button at bottom side can unlock the cover easy. One circle:About 12~25seconds can be finished(vacuuming&sealing) With hand free operation,three button design,press one button "vacuum seal" to finish a circle working.

User can advance sealing the vacuum bag any time when vacuuming. Vacuum hose on uper cover,more safety if vacuum liquid food. Wider and detachable vacuum slot which makes it much easier to be cleaned and hold inhalation of the liquid.

Embedded cutter design,simple operate,safty,convenient,self making bag for desired depth,avoid vacuum bags waste.

  • Vacuum degree can up tp 0.60bar~0.75bar(-60~-75kpa)
  • Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, Power: 160W
  • Vacuum Speed:11L/Min ; sealing width:MAX 30cm
  • Keep food up to 5X longer ;Sous Vide cooking assistant.
  • Optional:Vacuum bags.