HotmixPro Easy

The standout, unique feature of HotmixPRO Easy, is its ability to process many types of food with temperature up to 130°C (266°F) -such as creams, sauces and jams, for example- avoiding the many intermediate steps involved when preparing recipes that require constant attention and repeated handling to ensure a successfull outcome. The convenience factor is that all the ingredients can be put into the bowl and the desired end-result achieved with minimum difficulty, thanks to the ultra-precise temperature control.

The HotmixPRO Easy will also mix the contents of the bowl steadlily and uniformly, at the exact speed selected, so that a faultless preparation is assured every time. Given the simplicity of setting and maintaining an ideal temperature, preparations can proceed without any pointless waste of time, which in turn guarantees that quality will never fall below expectations.

Using the HotmixPRO Easy, even the most demanding professional will be able to maximize the quality of every single dish and delicacy by virtue of the precision controls built into the machine. Indeed the HotmixPRO Easy will allow foodservice professionals to take care of so many jobs that were difficult to get done formerly, due to shortage of time and staff, but can now be menaged with ease and with quality assured, such as creating new recipes. And all this with no need to be everywhere at once, but having more time free to focus on other things - things that seemed complicated and sometimes impossible before, but will be simpler and quicker in future. In short, the foodservice offering can be enhanced, and customer satisfaction increased.

The HotmixPRO Easy is an innovative multifunction machine, with special blades, designed to operate both as a mixer for blending liquids, and as a cutter that will chop up any solid ingredient. These capabilities are complemented by a heating system that can be used to warm or cook any kind of food at temperature between 25°C (77°F) and 130°C (266°F), while mixing simultaneously at variable speed.Equipped with a professional-grade motor rated 1200W - driving the blades at a speed of up to 10000 rpm - the HotmixPRO Easy can chop, puree, liquidize, blend or mix any type of food in no time at all. What is more, up to 2 litres of food can be processed in the graduated stainless steel bowl. Many food preparation tasks are done using ordinary cutters incapable of speeds higher than 3000 rpm, but with the HotmixPRO Easy, these operations can be accomplished faster, and without affecting the properties or the quality of ingredients. At 10000 rpm, processing times are notably reduced, with mixtures and ingredients refined to a level that will satisfy every special need imaginable.


  • A safety lid and a motor brake enabling to use the appliance with complete safety.
  • Two temperature control systems directly linked to the motor, one static (thermostat) and an innovative one that, through a microprocessor, automatically controls the power/temperature ratio, thus preserving the motor itself.
  • Painted metal structure
  • Shock absorbing feet against vibrations, making the appliance stable even at high speeds
  • Built in accordance with the professional norms, with the appropriate insulation of the outer parts for the operator while cooking
  • Low tension controls
  • Protection rate IPX1 against dust and dump agents

Nineteen functions into one machine!

HotmixPRO Easy cooks up to 130°C (266°F) with a perfect control of the temperature.It brings together in one box the properties of two well known appliances: the cutter and the mixer.HotmixPRO Easy enables to quickly and easily create raw and cooked recipes, liquids, semiliquids, paté, even in their normal structure, thus protecting the organoleptic properties of foods.


HotmixPRO Easy is ideal for:

  • browning, cooking, roasting and shining, whisking, pasteurizing, reducing, clarifying, keeping warm, delayed start programming.
  • doughing
  • chopping, pulverizing, homogenizing, whipping, blending, etc.

Any part getting in contact with food, in conformity with the existing norms, can be easily dismounted for a rapid and precise cleaning.


HotmixPRO Easy enhances the chef creativity thanks to its incomparable performances, thus allowing savings by reducing the external purchases, and rationalizing the use of personnel in the kitchen.