HotmixPro Creative

The feature that makes unique and irreplaceable HotmixPRO Creative is its capability to execute a variety of hot works up to 190°C (374°F) including the caramelization of sugars (such as creams, sauces and jams, avoiding the countless steps that require the constant presence of the operator, who was forced to intervene several times to get to the realization of the recipe) and cool to -24 °C (-11,2 °F)directly, without intermediate steps, during the same preparation.

The convenience is that you can put all the ingredients into the glass and, thanks to precise temperature control, get the final product, memorizing your recipes too in a simple and straightforward way.HotmixPRO Creative can also constantly mix the material, both during heating and cooling, with the opportunity to select the right speed, in order to obtain a perfect execution for each preparation.The ability to set and maintain the appropriate temperature will generate preparations without running into unnecessary loss of time, resulting in the maintenance of quality guarantee.The most demanding professional will, through the use of Creative HotmixPRO, the opportunity to raise the quality of every single preparation, thanks to precise control over the machine, being in fact able to standardize the best recipes, and thus taking the opportunity to have them repeated daily, even by his/her staff.

The chance of using temperatures ranging from -24 °C (-11.2 °F) to +190 °C (374 °F), allows the realization of processes which would be otherwise impossible with other devices. Thanks to HomixPRO Creative, you will be able to accomplish with ease and in total respect of quality all those activities that, for lack of time and staff, were very difficult to achieve, including the development of new recipes as well as the reproduction of one of the many stored recipes, all without having to be constantly present, so you will be able to treat with more ease and in less time the realization of everything that, until now, seemed more complicated and, sometimes, impossible.

The practitioner will thus enhance its offering, resulting in satisfaction of its customers. HotmixPRO Creative is an innovative multipurpose machine, unique in its kind, that -thanks to its special blades- can work as a mixer to emulsify liquids, or as a cutter to mince any solid ingredient. In addition to such feature, users will find an awesome heating and cooling system that will allow them to heat or cook any preparation by mixing at the desired speed and within a range of temperatures going from -24 °C (-11.2 °F) to +190 °C (374 °F).

The equipped pro-level (1500W) engine, which can spin the blades up to 12500 rpm, allows the user to chop, emulsify, blend or mix quickly any kind of ingredient. It also offers the opportunity to work up to 2 liters of product in the graduated glass steel.

Thanks to the speed of HotmixPRO Creative, every preparation that can be made with a cutter - which normally never get above 3000 rpm - can now be achieved more quickly, without altering the characteristics and qualities of products.The 12500 RPMs will allow you to shorten the processing time and achieve a degree of refining of the product that, to meet your specific needs.