Flash-freezing enables chefs to quickly turn sauces, purees, crémes and vinaigrettes into solid or semi-frozen creations with cool creamy centers and crunchy surfaces. It is made possible with The Anti-Griddle, which features a minus 30 °F 'griddle' plate that allows almost instantaneous uni-directional freezing.

The Anti-Griddle™ flash-freezing technique originally inspired by Chef Grant Achatz allows you to develop tantalizing dual-texture creations and surprise your guests with new dining experiences.

Here are some of the unique and creative ways chefs are using this innovative flash-freezing technique:

  • Frozen desserts and appetizers with cool, liquid centers
  • Flash-frozen lollipops that use an ingredient for a stick. (E.g., using a sprig of rosemary for the stick in a vanilla rosemary caramel ice cream lollipop)
  • Topping salads with frozen vinaigrettes that melt on the plate when served
  • Adorning dishes with intricate frozen ornaments (which can be easily transferred from The Anti-Griddle to the plate by first applying plastic wrap to the griddle surface)
  • Tableside or buffet flash-freezing using The Anti-Griddle to provide guests with a more personal and exciting experience