The Smoking Gun™ is the quickest and most convenient way to apply cool natural smoke to food. The ability to expose food to smoke without heat opens new ways to create exciting flavors and unexpected combinations.

Compared to a traditional smoker, which uses heat and longer smoking times, applying The Smoking Gun™ technique leads to a lighter infusion or subtle finish of smoke. This allows for four quite unusual approaches to smoking:

  • Smoking foods that can't be exposed to the heat of a smoker; for example butter, raw seafood, delicate herbs or vegetables, etc.
  • Infusing liquids, such as cocktails, sauces, marinades or vinaigrettes.
  • Amplifying the natural and subtle smoke aroma in certain ingredients; for example Spanish Arbequina Olives benefit in flavor from a subtle coating of smoke.
  • Infusing liquids or finishing foods with specific and complementing smoke flavors, such as dried flowers, tea leaves, etc.
  • Smoking food tableside, presented under a glass filled with smoke is an exciting way of integrating the smoking process into the diner's overall experience.

The video demonstrations will teach you how to set up The Smoking Gun™ and use different techniques of smoking.

We at PolyScience, have identified five techniques of applying The Smoking Gun™, but if you discover more we would be happy to hear from you! Smoking solid foods in a plastic bag or container with plastic wrap

  • Dry food with a paper towel for best absorption of smoke
  • Put food in smoking container or plastic bag
  • Set up smoking gun™ and blow smoke into bag

Smoking solid foods tableside under a glass

  • Dry food with a paper towel for best absorption of smoke
  • Plate food
  • Set up smoking gun™ and blow smoke into upside down glass
  • Place smoke-filled glass over plated food, serve and remove at table in front of diner

Smoking liquids in a blender:

  • Blend liquid
  • Set up smoking gun™ with tube on a higher level than liquid
  • Open center piece on center blender lid and insert smoking gun™ tube, being careful to stay above blender blades
  • Aerate smoke into liquid while blending and continue to reach desired smoke level

Smoking liquids in a glass or shaker:

  • Mix liquid in glass or shaker
  • Set up smoking gun™ with tube on a higher level than liquid
  • Insert smoking gun™ tube into liquid and blow smoke into it
  • Stir liquid with spoon to mix smoke into liquid. If using shaker, close lid and shake.

Smoking butter or cream in a stand mixer:

  • Whip butter or cream in a stand mixer bowl
  • Distribute butter or cream on bowl walls for maximum surface exposure
  • Cover bowl with plastic wrap, set up smoking gun and fill bowl with smoke
  • Let butter or cream absorb smoke for 30-60 seconds and repeat for more smoke flavor